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Technical Questions

I’m getting a ‘missing plugin’ error. What’s this? premium courses and some of our Teacher Contributed courses use Flash and Shockwave content. This content allows us to provide a beautiful multimedia rich format for your lessons and tests but you need a plugin from to access it. To access the plugin go to You may have to restart your web browser and log back in to once the shockwave plugin is installed.

How to use this site

How do I access a course?

There are a number of freely available courses on you can access them by clicking on Add Course in the left hand menu.

From here you will be presented with a list of courses which are grouped into Premium and Teacher Contributed courses. Premium courses are multimedia rich courses created by the team. They are highly interactive self paced courses which include computer marked tests. Teacher Contributed courses are courses created by the teachers using this website. They can be on any course material and can include things like youtube videos, documents, flash animations and links to external websites. Pick the course you wish to access from the list and click Add Course to add the course to your left hand menu.

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